April 11, 2012


If you have been inquiring on the oak island mystery or other mysteries and gotten no satisfaction information-wise well then get originality here, many websites on the internet are un-managed ghost towns; the unwelcoming closed no trespassing sign on the infamous oak island n.s causeway entrance it pretty much describes many of the oak island money pit's websites hideous going on's, or what I am saying they are pretty much abandoned or they're ignored by there operator.

The big theory sell Birch Island Oak Islands money pit's new treasure hunting frontier

However, this fabulous world famous first nations native exploration blog offers the most original comprehensive study on the oak island treasure mystery an not to mention that this blogs research also veers off into other unsolved mysteries that this world has to offer. - Keith Ranville

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  1. hi mr raville my names is jimmy james rogers from albany new york i have been research for 5 yr about the money pit, since im too a native american indian most my family r from canada and nova scotia but i dont know what part since rogers is french for rougier and the lafountain family, i might be part cree and mi"maq but any way the symbols on the stone is not it a map and maps have legends, triagle repersent teepee that are arrows point direction dots are like stone cicle with lind down north and south is like lookin at a compass, the two lin across one line indicated at one time a bridge the two dot with line diaganallyy a falling tree with stone near it the four stone may indicated 4 tree in a squre or a cicle formation some of these dots might indicated a camp fire at one tim that ours ancestors chant at time of the new moon or brother sun the cicle in a cirle might be what it was bac in time when the first solar or luna eclipse or a star went super nova so really in the money pit it not a treasure at all but bones of the past to be united to the childrens of the future how the ancient ones what it to be we must keep and save ours language and teach our childrens ours past history or else it will be lose forever we are a dyin tribes and we might figth the white devil to destroy our ancient ways that why they build these traps to keep the whitr devil from knowing the true treasure of our peoples ways and if it a treasure it belonng to all nativeamerican indian peoples, we must come together. and to let our bitterness from all nation to protect ours ancient fathers the way they taugh ours fathers the way through the creator and father sky and mother earth so my brother i m gone to a the tunnel of the passway to speak to the spirits of our ancentors since im the gatekeeper so look at the symbols you will see a vision soon it will tell you agout your great.................................... grandfather will come to you listen to him he doesnt speak broken tongue like the white devil have to ours peoples wisdom is the KEY th heal the hatred in ours bloods that have been spill on mother earth and this holy land for 10,000 years peace out my brother. my email adrees is wolfclan666amerianwarrio@yahoo.com if u wat 2 contact me ok peace b with you and the creator bess u n ur family with love and humble.ionalog

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  3. On latest episode.. they visit a church in The Old Country. They see a statue.. of John baptizing Jesus.. with (they say) a stalk and ear of corn. No corn in Israel. . So it must refer to Oak Island. Ears of corn DO NOT grow out of the top of the stalk. Wheat does. Wheat grew in Israel. Jesus talked about wheat fields and His Disciples picked the heads and ate them... Jesus talked about the Parable of the wheat and rates. . . Jesus called himself the bread of life (comes from wheat) and also referred to Himself as "wheat that dies brings forth much fruit." Most likely it's wheat not corn at the feet of statue of Jesus.


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