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November 1, 2014

The Real Curse of Oak Island Lies Here.

Dear Google,

The defamatory website forum thunting.com above or in links given is untrue and defaming to me – Keith Ranville in-which that is on your google.com search engine “I have not scammed nobody” that this website allegedly believes so that I’ve done on this thunting forum thread, it reads; “Attention: Beware of Oak Island First Nation Scammer Keith Ranville” the defaming thread it goes on to say that I was convicted in a crime in connection to the oak island money pit treasure hunt in the last two post on this false thunting.com forum the thread goes like this:


Has Keith Ranville been charged, and convicted with scams involved with oak Island??


yes he has next question


What is most disturbing is that the website Administrator or owner of thunting.com he posted this false or grossly misleading post thread? Hate is great with anonymity in western shore nova scotia mahone bay this is the real curse of oak island.

Thank you for any assistance Google,

Warm Regards

Keith Ranville

Vancouver British Columbia, Canada News

Google Fined $208,000 In Australian Defamation Case

 Personal note ;

There would be no; the curse of oak island dramatic t.v show series on the history channel if it wasn't for me the cast of  the curse of oak island is apart of the faceless crowd that defamed me on the internet in the past or was apart of the internet witch hunt. Never the less the oak island money pit revolves around me.. I, or it seduces minds. It is what it is, folks. ;) Oak Island Publicity News

Keith of Treasure Hunting

September 29, 2014


Re: The oak island money pit enigma & Mount Shasta it has a related skullstone likewise to oak islands skull stone . NEWS

Mount Shasta Oak Island SkullStones

Deep in mount shasta, california lies many shafts and tunnels that many explorers dares not to adventure into them due to a fear of not returning to the surface. The local native people to mount shasta tells of stories of mount shasta and they know not to go to certain places on mount shasta or you’ll go missing like if you go above its tree-line area one story that I heard from a native couple from in a documentary who chanced to camp above the mount shastas tree line they reported to have seen two hooded monk like entities before them they scared them right off the mountain.

These certain intriguing mount shasta stories they really caught my attention cause they have some very similar story similarities to the oak island mystery in nova scotia, canada like mysterious shafts and tunnels, people reported missing and strange lights coming from the area and most of all they both have some kind of illusive skull stone face to them. Mount shasta has a spirit stone and it has a skull face to it and my gut feeling tells me that the oak island skullstone that I interpreted is related to the mount shasta spirit rock skull stone. Native lore or beliefs say that the mount shasta spirit rock is a inter-dimensional doorway and I  to believe that the oak island skullstone is a  mysterious like vortex doorway of some kind too.

Both oak island money pit and mount shasta are rumored to be hiding a secret that is maybe worth of something of great wealth an some even believe that the secrets to Atlantis is somewhere lurking in the shafts and tunnels in mount shasta and its treasures is covenanted by some Lemurians who live deep in the labyrinths underground tunnels of mount shasta.

Many natives believe that the mount shasta area is a place of healing and I often wondered to myself why people that reside on oak island live a long time? Go Figure. And FYI if anyones going to find the oak island treasure it'll be me.

First Nations Shaman

Keith Ranville


September 17, 2014


If you haven't been up so date on oak islands money pit you may want to check out this treasure hunting site it provides amazing theories . TREASURE NEWS

 First Nations Explorers Leading Oak Island Treasure Hunter Keith Ranville 

June 30, 2014

Crowd funding campaign launched to assist Gino Odjick’s family

The family of former Vancouver Canucks left winger Gino Odjick is seeking support from the public to assist with the travel costs of traveling to Vancouver to be with Gino.

A “Gino Strong Fund” has been set-up on crowd funding website Go Fund Me, and it has already raised nearly $7,000 of the campaign’s ultimate goal of $30,000.

Donations can also be made to support aboriginal youth education and wellness initiatives through the Canucks For Kids Fund.

On Thursday evening, the Vancouver Canucks website released a letter written by Gino, revealing that he is suffering from a rare terminal heart illness. AL amyloidsis is causing abnormal deposits of protein in his heart, in effect hardening his heart over time.

There is no cure and doctors have given him months, maybe weeks to live.

On Sunday, fans will be gathering outside Vancouver General Hospital to perform a flash mob in support of Gino.

Keith Ranville , Please go to go fund me to help Mr. Gino Odjick and his family in there time of need and lets shoot beyond the $ number aimed at, folks  :)

Go Fund Me

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